Dominic N. Ashen

Before the Storm: A Steel & Thunder Prequel

Before the Storm: A Steel & Thunder Prequel

Haven’t you ever wondered how your parents met?

Orlun and Rurig have been married for a long time. Things may have gotten a little less exciting after having three children together, but it’s their life, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything else. So when a civil war threatens to tear apart their home and has them both working with the city’s militia, they’re not exactly happy about it.

Jarek is a new recruit. Young and maybe a little naïve, he’s a lover, not a fighter—but he’ll do what he has to if it means protecting the people he cares about. Which might include Orlun and Rurig. There’s something brewing between the three of them, but is it strong enough to survive when tragedy strikes?

This is a story about romance, awkward dates, and questionable parenting decisions. Set over twenty years before the events of Steel & Thunder, this prequel tells the tale of how these three men found each other and formed a family in the face of danger and uncertainty. This novella is for readers who like gay/male-on-male polyamorous romances with a heaping helping of orcs.

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