Dominic N. Ashen

Books & Stories

Books & Stories

Here you will find my collection of published stories, seperated by series. The first two chapters of all of my books are available to read for free, and when you're done with those you can find links to where you can buy the full thing and finish the story. This should go without saying, but everything here is gay erotica, filled with kinks and heavy themes of dominance and submission. All of it could probably be classified as romance too, just maybe not the kind of romance most people are used to. But that's probably why you're here, right?

Steel & Thunder

David, a young human adventurer crosses paths with an orc ranger named Khazak... and is almost immediately arrested for trespassing and assault. Finding himself stuck in the orc's care as his ward (really more like pet or slave), somehow the two men find themselves falling for each other - when they aren't butting heads. And after strange events in the city lead to a night of tragedy, both of them learn that there might be more to David than meets the eye.

Kingdom of Claws

Peter Lambert enjoyed living a simple life, working on his family's farm with his parents. At least until the day Makseka Blackclaw, werewolf and Crown Prince of Litkalaa, came in and swept him off his feet. Now adjusting to living in castle, the prince does everything in his power to sweet Peter off his feet. But not everyone in the kingdom is happy about their budding new romance...

Dom's Little Black Book

a collection of stories based on events and encounters from my real life. It's fun to capture a moment like this, and it makes for some pretty intersting walks down memory lane. If you'd like to read more of these, you can sign up for my Patreon, where the full archive is now available - along with many other tales!