Dominic N. Ashen

The Crown and the Collar

The Crown and the Collar

He never saw himself as very special.

Peter has lived on a farm all his life. He loves nothing more than helping his parents tend to their fields and animals. Still, sometimes life in Weston can be a little too quiet; he can’t help but wonder what else is out there. Imagine his surprise when the crown prince of Litkalaa comes knocking and makes him an offer he can’t refuse: wear his collar and become the next royal consort.

Prince Makseka Blackclaw is used to getting everything he wants, which is why he doesn’t get why everyone is making such a big deal about his offer to Peter. He just wants to take the cute boy back to the castle where he’ll be pampered, well-fed, and maybe they’ll have some fun together too. Sadly, it may take more than a few mistakes to help him see how misguided some of his actions are, even if he means well.

Table of Contents

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