Dominic N. Ashen

My Three Orc Dads: A Steel & Thunder Novella

My Three Orc Dads: A Steel & Thunder Novella

David has been living in the orc city of V’rok’sh Tah’lj for a couple of months now, and things have been going pretty well. But when his owner, Khazak, is called away on official business, he gets stuck with the man’s fathers as babysitters. He’s expecting a few quiet days of boredom, but he learns shortly after he arrives that these three orcs have plans for him of their own. Will David be able to handle all the challenges they throw at him, or will Khazak return to find that he just couldn’t cut it?

A fun and steamy side story in the Steel & Thunder universe! Set in the same time period as Storms & Sacrifice, follow David as he tries to navigate life among the orcs without Khazak by his side and learn all about some of the city’s unspoken traditions firsthand. This story contains explicit depictions gay/male-on-male sex, including elements of BDSM, group sex, and concerns over loyalty, all wrapped up with a fun twist!

Table of Contents

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