Dominic N. Ashen

Secrets & Spires

Secrets & Spires

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Khazak has been feeling a little lost lately. By the age of thirty, he'd become the youngest Ranger Captain in his city's history. He thought he had the rest of his life figured out, until he was betrayed by people he trusted and was forced to resign. The one bright spot is David, his human lover and former captive (though "former" doesn't always apply in the bedroom). After coming so close to losing him, Khazak didn't think twice about leaving everything behind to follow him. Things are still new, but they have all the time in the world for David to grow comfortable with their relationship.

David's having a rough time himself. After miraculously surviving a deadly attack, he's left looking for answers and seeking revenge on those responsible. His search brings him to the city of Pákannon, and he's not alone: not only is his entire team behind him, he has Khazak, the orc who loves him and once owned him (and technically, still does). Just as he's getting used to the idea of people knowing they're together, someone from his past shows up and threatens all of his progress in that area. Lucky for him, a side-quest to a mysterious city in the mountains should be exactly the distraction he needs. It's not like anything bad or dangerous could happen, right?

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