Dominic Ashen

Dom's Little Black Book

Dom's Little Black Book


When you were in school, did you ever start crushing on one of your teachers? Maybe you'd imagine your teacher disciplining you, or you'd contemplate the smell of your gym coach's jockstrap, or you called a certain professor “Daddy” in your head. You fantasize about it but it's harmless, because you know nothing will ever come of it.

Well, something did come of it for me. I fucked my teacher. Okay the actual fucking happened in a different story I'll have to tell you about later, but this is the story of the first time we actually got together.

Our story begins many years ago, when I was still in college. The degree program I was enrolled in was fairly new, and a lot kinks were being worked out as it went along. Along with that, we also had a pretty decent amount of young, or young-ish, professors. Since it was a tech-related program, everyone was pretty nerdy as well.

The subject my professor actually taught isn't important, but you can be damn sure it was my favorite class. From that very first day, he made an impression on me. Scruffy facial hair, good sense of humor, and a lot of shared interests - he was teaching in my major after all. Instant crush. Then I found out he was gay, and I nearly went all anime-nosebleed everywhere. Found out in the middle of class too, so I really had to make sure I kept my shit together. After that, I probably spent the next two years hopelessly crushing on Teach. I think knowing he was gay gave me some sort of subconscious false hope that I actually had a shot. But I mean come on, I don't think someone's going to want to actually risk their job over some kid who can't even legally drink yet.

We did become friends though, and I'd often go to him if I needed help on a project or to get a question answered. Eventually, I got over the crush. Not seeing him on an almost daily basis certainly helped. We stayed friends after I graduated, maybe even flirted a little, but by that point I didn't think anything would come of it. There was this one time, when a minor run-in almost occurred. A guy we had both been hooking up with wanted to set up a threesome, neither of us realizing who the other person was at first. We were both in the idea, but once he saw a picture of the “other guy,” he was very upfront about feeling weird fooling around with a former student. I can't exactly fault him, as I've never been in his position.

But eventually...that rule went right out the window.

Several years later, I have long since graduated while he still teaches. We both run in the same friend circles - gay nerdy bears - so we actually run into each other now and then, but not often. When we do see each other, it's mostly small talk and catching up, nothing major. Until one fateful day, when we are both at a group dinner for a mutual friend. It must have a been long time since he last saw me, because I was like an ugly duckling to him.

We start texting almost daily. The flirting between us becomes a lot more frequent and intense, to the point where it seems that us hooking up was inevitable. We've been talking so much about our sex lives, and about boys we each used, that sharing one between us seems like a good place to start. We are both primarily tops, and Doms, and we're still figuring out what our dynamic is exactly. He's my former teacher, yes, but I'm not that barely-legal college student anymore. Having a third person there between us would actually help facilitate things.

We drive to his boy's place together. During the car ride, we revert back to the days of awkward small talk and clumsy flirts, my heart thundering in my chest so loudly I think he can hear it. I feel the stirrings of my former crush in my stomach. I'm anxious; worried something might go wrong and the whole thing will get called off. We pull into the parking lot and get out. I follow Teach through the maze of apartment buildings as he leads the way to his boy's apartment.

The door is unlocked, apparently standard protocol for Teach's visits. We walk in and he introduces me to his boy, who is wearing just a t-shirt and underwear. We waste no time in joining him, stripping down to our undies. It has been requested that I wear a jockstrap, and Teach is doing the same. If you've read any of my stuff before, you'll by now I have an underwear kink.

We move to the couch and sit next to each other. His boy has some porn playing on the TV, but I'm not really paying attention to it. I keep looking at Teach, and his nice furry chest, thick legs, and a nice jockstrap. The boy kneels between Teach's legs, and is told to get to work. He immediately latches onto Teach's jock-clad cock, sucking and chewing on it through the fabric. Teach reaches over and pulls me in for a kiss while I reach down and start grabbing at my dick.

I'm happy to discover that he is a good kisser. Watching him order around his boy is definitely doing something for me too. I don't know if I'm ready to submit to him just yet, but I could definitely get into domming someone right alongside him. As we make out, I feel his boy reach over and replace my hand with his. Then Teach orders him to take out his cock and really start sucking. I watch him swallow Teach's cock down, as I'm sure he's done many times before, all while continuing to stroke me. Teach has a nicely sized uncut dick, although I'm still winning in the size department; it's certainly nothing to scoff at. I watch, enthralled, before Teach pulls me back in for more kissing, and all I can hear is the wet slurping sounds of the cock moving in and out of his boy's mouth.

Teach then pushes my head down to his chest - he wants his nipples played with, roughly. I oblige him, taking his hairy pec into my mouth and sucking, hard. I hear a sharp intake of breath followed by a low “fuck yeah,” so I suck harder on his nipple and start using my teeth. I'm gentle at first, but I start to get rougher, though I'm careful not to leave marks. Though I'm positive he'd love that now, he (and his partner, who I am fairly certain does not know what he is up to) would definitely not be happy later.

Eventually he decides it's my turn, and he grabs his boy's head and pushes him towards my crotch. I lay back and let him work as he starts mouthing at my jock. It feels nice, warm, wet. I wish I'd brought a change of clothes, wet jockstraps can get uncomfortable, but in the moment, it's amazing. It gets even more amazing when Teach leans over and starts kissing me again. He starts playing with my chest now, and I groan into his mouth. I don't even pull away, I just reach down, pull my cock out, and guide the boy's head to it. I moan again as I feel him sink all the way down. This boy is good. I might need to try out his other end sometime.

So far, this has been a spectacular morning. I've got a mouth on my dick and the teacher I've crushed on for years is groping and kissing me in nothing but a jockstrap. It's hard to not just lay here, but I am nothing if not an active participant. I put one hand on the back of the boy's head, moving him up and down with just enough force to show who's in control. My other hand is touching Teach, rubbing and grabbing at his cock. He stops kissing me to move down to play with my nipples, and I start forcing the boy's head even faster. I want to see how much I can make him gag, I love hearing him cough and sputter because he can't handle me stretching his throat.

After a few minutes of getting my dick wet, I pull him off and push him back towards his owner, who he immediately swallows back down. I take the initiative this time and latch back onto Teach's tit. He's got one hand on my head holding me to his chest and the other on his boy's. I can hear him saying things under his breath to his boy. Then I hear him start talking to me. Asking me “Do you like what I'm doing, boy?” I think things over for just a second - he wants me to be his boy, huh? I'm feeling it, at least right here and now. I let his nip slip out of my mouth for a brief “Yes sir!” before resuming my ministrations. I start attacking his nipple much more roughly, not as concerned with leaving marks anymore.

It must have done the trick, because the next thing I know, both hands are on his boy's head, forcing him down to the very base of his cock. He lets out a loud growl as he spills into his boy's mouth, causing him to struggle trying to swallow it all. Once the hands are removed, the boy lets the cock slip from his mouth and spends the next few minutes cleaning it up, like a good boy. As Teach is catching his breath, his boy just looks up at me, face sloppy with spit, eyes still hungry. I don't say anything, just spread my legs and motion for him to move between them.

It's my turn, and I am ready to seed this boy's mouth. I don't want to draw this out too long, but I also don't wanna blow my load immediately. I wanna come back and do this again, so a good first impression is key, right? I lay back and let the boy do most of the work, enjoying the feeling of his well used throat. Teach leans back over and we kiss some more, much slower this time, and I just let myself enjoy it.

Once I'm ready, I decide I want to paint this boy's face a little. I grab his head and move it down to my nuts, ordering him with a simple “Lick.” He goes to town on my balls, licking and sucking on my sack with a fervor. I start stroking my cock, stripping it faster and faster. Fuck, this is it!

With my free hand, I pull his head back from my balls and aim my cock at his face. The first shot hits the rim of his lip and lands in his mouth, as does the second. No more misses after that, because I've shoved my cock into the back of his mouth to the hilt! I hold his head to my crotch and breathe, savoring the last few moments of my orgasm. I release his head, letting him catch his breath before he cleans me up.

I turn and look over at Teach. He smiles and asks if I had fun, and I just smile in return. Hell yeah I did. I can't wait for the next time. Hopefully neither can you.