Dominic Ashen

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Arenas & Monsters

Sacrificial cults, giant man-eating serpents, even ghosts - Khazak has seen it all lately, but with his avakesh David by his side, he knows they can weather any storm that blows their way. After unexpectedly doubling the size of their group and making a brief detour to the ruins of the ancient elven city of Karthani, things are finally back on track. As long as they keep following the road north, they’ll reach their destination in no time. The group just has to keep the stops they make and the trouble they cause to a minimum. Easy, right?

David's been doing great. He’s got Khazak, his friends, and he's even been able to reconnect with his twin brother, Michael. Now all he needs is for things to stay on track, and once they reach Maname they’ll hopefully be able to figure out the strange things that have been happening since that fateful night in the Temple of Zeus. But of course, nothing is that simple, and when danger rears its ugly head, it not only puts his relationship with Khazak at risk, but threatens to reveal the dark truth of how they really met to everyone.

Table of Contents

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