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My Three Orc Dads

Art by jabberox

My Three Orc Dads

Chapter 1 Preview

“I still don’t understand why I can’t just stay home by myself.”

“Because I still cannot trust you to stay out of trouble while I am gone.”

It’s the late in the morning, and the two of us are walking through the streets of V’rok’sh Tah’lj. We’re headed to see Khazak’s parents, who I will be spending the next few days with. Without Khazak.

“I don’t need a babysitter!” Though the whining might say differently.

“They are not babysitting you,” Khazak tries to reassure me.

I know he’s right, but the worst part about it is it doesn’t even really feel like babysitting—it feels like petsitting.

“Also, as I told you, this is a diplomatic mission,” he points out as we approach his parents’ home. “We are meeting with the delegations of four different cities, and you do not even speak the language. Any of them.”

“I’m learning!” I roll my eyes at his answer as he knocks on the door.

“There you are.” Rurig, Khazak’s father, answers the door with one of his husbands, Jarek, right behind him. Between the two, Rurig is a few years older, a little shorter, and a lot wider, with a generous belly that I have seen shaking on more than one occasion when the man laughs. Jarek, who is maybe ten years his husband’s younger, sports a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee that matches the short black hair on his head, as opposed to the longer brown on his husband.

“Sorry for the delay, Ruda,” Khazak apologizes as we walk inside—we were supposed to be here twenty minutes ago, but I might have dragged things out so I could try and change his mind. Obviously, it didn’t work. “We needed to make sure he had everything for his stay. Thank you again for watching him.”

“You know we will take good care of him, son.” Rurig reaches out to ruffle my hair affectionately as I’m passed over to them.

“Where is Orda?” Khazak asks about the location of his third father, Orlun.

“Your aunts needed help moving some furniture and he volunteered. He will be back by dinner,” Rurig assures him.

“Give him my love.” Khazak hugs his fathers before hugging me. “Please behave yourself.”

“I always behave,” I grumble as I hug him back. “...Come back soon, ‘kay?”

“See you in a few days, puppy.” With a final kiss to my forehead, he’s gone, and the front door closes.

“I hope you are hungry because it is almost lunchtime!” Rurig announces happily, rubbing his hands together. Is he ever not cooking?

“Uh, yes sir. That sounds good.” Without Khazak here, I’m feeling a little off-balance.

“Heh, ‘sir?’ I like you, kid.” He ruffles my hair again and turns to Jarek. “Will you take him to Khazak’s old room to get settled while I get started on lunch?”

 “Follow me, David.” Jarek puts his hand on my shoulder as he leads me away.

“Thank you.” I follow him into the living room and then down a hall. I’ve only been here once before so I don’t exactly know where I’m going.

“Here we are.” Jarek opens the door to reveal a familiar looking room before stepping inside.

It’s as threadbare as I remember it: a bed, a few bookcases, and a desk in one corner. There’s a couple of old looking bows hanging from the walls, but that’s it. Cozy, if not a little boring. I set my bag on the bed, wondering if I should bother unpacking. All I brought was a few changes of clothes and a couple of Khazak’s books. And maybe something else for late at night.

“We changed the sheets before you got here,” Jarek informs me. “You know, I do not think anyone has slept in this room in over ten years.”

“Not since Khazak moved out?” I think the timeline matches up, at least.

“Yes.” Jarek nods his head. “Just a few years after they finished their schooling, Khazak and Ragnar rented a too-small apartment together for a few years while he saved up to buy his current home. I made a lot of his furniture myself, actually.”

“It all looks really nice.” Khazak once pointed out where Jarek worked to me, a half-tree nursery, half-carpentry business. “What’s it like not having them in the house anymore?”

“It always gets quieter around here when one of the children moves out, but I suppose it will be much stranger in a few years after Ursza and Ignatz are finally gone. Those two are staying with friends for the next few days.” He considers my question for a moment. “You know, I cannot say I ever saw myself one day being the father to five children. Especially seeing as three of them were here before I was.”

“Is it weird being a step-father?” It’s not something I’ve ever considered myself.

“Perhaps a little at first, but that was largely due to how Orlun and Rurig introduced them to me.” I knew Khazak did not like Jarek when he first came around, but I haven’t heard this story. “I was probably right around your age when I met the two of them. It was a rather...hectic time for the city. They were already married, and I assumed I was just in for a bit of fun with them, but we kept on seeing each other. Then one day, Rurig was injured and Orlun asked me to watch their three children. Children I did not even know existed at that point.”

“Oh, wow.” Three kids is a lot to dump on someone by surprise.

“That was my feeling as well,” he grumbles slightly. “I was not happy to suddenly be responsible for childcare, but I was willing to do it for them. It all worked out in the end.”

“I heard Khazak wasn’t exactly your biggest fan.” Ayla said he hated him, but that seems harsh.

Jarek chuckles at my comment. “He was young, and he had his reasons. I am very proud to be able to call myself his father today.”

“Well, you guys raised a great son,” I compliment with a smile. “Very responsible, if not a little heavy handed.”

“He gets that from his father,” he muses.

“Which one?” I ask.

Jarek laughs at my stupid joke. “Let us get you unpacked and fed.”

“Oh no, that’s okay.” I try to stop Jarek from reaching for my bag on the bed. “I can take care of that—”

I’m too late, and he empties the contents of my bag onto the bed. Out come my clothes, the books, my toothbrush...and the wooden plug, bottle of oil, and charm I use to keep myself clean and open when I’m playing with my butt. My face, no, my whole body turns red. What?! Three days is a long time, okay? I’ve become accustomed to a certain amount of sex.

“Well, I see my son has certainly been training you properly.” He eyes the large-ish plug on the bed. It’s barely thicker than Khazak’s cock. Not that Jarek would know that.

“I am so sorry.” I scramble to try and cover the toy with my clothes. “You weren’t supposed to—”

“Nothing to be ashamed of, pup.” Jarek uses the nickname Khazak gave me, then pulls the shirt off of the plug and picks it up. “Rather impressive if you are already able to take something this large.”

“I, uh, I’m...” I have no idea how to take that compliment.

“Something the matter, David?” Jarek steps closer, still holding the plug.

What is going on right now? What is he—aaannnd he’s kissing me. He’s good too, and it takes me a solid five seconds for the full implication of this to hit me. Then I pull back in shock.

“What are you... We can’t...” I am almost positive that kissing my owner’s stepdad is not something I should be doing. “I’m sorry!”

“Did Khazak not tell you?” Jarek searches my face in concern.

“Tell me what?” This seems like a pretty big thing to neglect mentioning.

“That it is tradition for an avakesh to spend a night with his kavan’s parents.” My eyes go wide at Jarek’s revelation.

“No... He... He did not say anything like that.” Is he serious?

“We understand if this makes you uncomfortable,” Jarek tells me, moving his hands behind his back and hiding the plug from view. “There would be no offense taken if you preferred not to act on this tradition, but I assure you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it in our culture.”

I take a moment to look at Jarek, a lot more closely than I have before. He’s not a bad looking guy. He has a slimmer build than Khazak, but he’s still bigger than me, though his height is actually right around mine. His neatly trimmed goatee frames his short white tusks perfectly, and there’s something about the worry in his eyes that makes him look sweet. If I’m being perfectly honest, there’s also a part of me that just really, really wants Khazak’s parents to like me. Shit, am I gonna do this? I mean, it is a tradition, right? “...Are you sure this is okay?”

“Of course, pup.” He steps closer, tossing the plug on the bed as he does. “Now how about you just relax and let me take over, so you can stop worrying so much.”

“...Okay, sir.” I nod, my mouth suddenly feeling dry.

“You are going to be fun,” Jarek tells me before kissing me again.

Yeah, he’s good at this. Maybe as good as Khazak, but I don’t have a lot of male-based kisses to compare to. One of his hands comes up to cup my face while the other snakes around my waist to the small of my back, pulling us closer together. I allow myself to be touched and manipulated but otherwise just stand there, too nervous to know what to do with my own hands or anything beyond kissing back.

Sensing my hesitation, Jarek breaks our kiss and begins unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off with a small smirk. Then his hands reach for the buttons of my own, chuckling when my fingers fumble when I try to help. Once he gets my shirt off, he maneuvers us onto the bed on our sides, and we resume kissing.

From the way we are laying, I can feel Jarek’s erection pressing into my thigh, my own dick doing the same. Can’t say I’m not enjoying this, even if it does seem weird as hell. Jarek’s hands begin to slide up and down my sides, back and chest, stopping to tease the spots where I seem the most sensitive. Finally feeling a little bold, I try to copy him, though I have less luck at finding those sensitive areas than he does.

Eventually, I feel him brushing up against the front of my pants, and then his hands are reaching for my buttons again. I have to fight against the urge to stop him, though it's significantly easier than the last time. He does the same to himself, saving me from making an awkward attempt.

I gasp into his mouth as he palms my dick through the pouch of my jockstrap. Pulling the fabric to the side, he frees my cock from its confines, grasping it firmly in his hand. He lowers the waistband of his underwear, freeing himself and pushing forward to rub our lengths together. He places them side by side, holding them together in one hand. He’s a little larger than I am, both in length and thickness, but he looks to be a lot more manageable than Khazak.

“Not bad, boy,” Jarek tells me as he strokes our cocks together. “But how do you taste?”

To be continued...

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